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Gamify your productivity tools and unlock multiplayer for personal development.

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Make Work Fun - Gamify Notion Workspaces - Celebrate your wins + unlock multiplayer for personal growth | Product Hunt

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Track Your Wins

Celebrate your wins and track how you're leveling up in real time.

Do Your Dailies

Transform your daily chores into exciting daily quests and keep up your streak!

Unlock Multiplayer

Participate in party quests to get motivated to slay your dragons.


Bring Your Character Anywhere.

1 . Customize Your Component

Set options like dark mode, friends, win notifications, etc.

2 . Paste Anywhere You Want

Copy the embed link and bring it to your favourite Notion pages or websites!

3 . Celebrate Your Wins Anywhere, Anytime.

From embeds to mobile apps, be excited about your wins everywhere you go.