What's New?

We’re constantly making our app better. Here are some of the notable new features and improvements that we’ve made.

Jun 20, 2023

Embark On Missions

Level up and earn your very own adventurer card by going on missions to make positive impact on the world.


May 30, 2023

Interact With Your Active Quests

Change the status of your active quests directly from Make Work Fun - so you can always stay focused on what needs to be done.


May 29, 2023

See Your Active Quests

We have a new tool for you to see all your active quests in one place. Think of it as an integrated task list across all your different databases.


May 15, 2023

Parties For All

Starting today, everyone can lead a party as long as their all-time level has reached at least 10. We're so excited to see what you'll start next!


Apr 13, 2023

Send Wins To Circle!

We’ve made it easy for you to share your wins to our brand new community space, right from your app.


Apr 1, 2023

New Season, New Me

We've updated our look and revamped our academy resources to help you be the best version of you. Check out our roadmap this season on Github!


Oct 12, 2022

Private vs Public Embeds

We know you love sharing your avatar to the world so we've created safe versions (without edit permissions) of your favourite embeds to share on your websites!


Oct 09, 2022

Recent Win Embed

We've made it easy for you to see your recent wins anywhere and share with the world what you've been up to recently.


Sept 15, 2022

Manage Your Dailies

We've completely revamped the way you interact with daily quests. Create, define, sort, and track your habits with ease.


Aug 25, 2022

Track Your Sleep

We've made it simple for you to keep track of your sleep, runs, and so much more. Try it out with duration habit type in your daily quests!


Jul 13, 2022

Catch Up On Yesterday's Dailies

With our updated dailies interface, see how today's dailies match up to yesterday's trends and edit them if you've missed anything.


Jun 01, 2022

Take A Picture

Capture your daily moments and be accountable for building your habits.


May 24, 2022

Spend Your Gold

Create your own custom items and reward yourselves after work well done. Never feel guilty again about enjoying your leisure time.

Hint: Click on your gold in the player page to trigger the item shop!


May 17, 2022

Connect Notion With One-Click

With the Notion API officially out of beta, we've leveled up our integration to help you easily connect your wins from Notion.


Apr 12, 2022

Faster Parties

We've drastically improved the speed it takes to access your party details, so you can swiftly embark on your adventure.


Mar 27, 2022

Let's Get Energized⚡

We've made it simple for you to keep track your energy levels during the day to help you be in touch with your body and avoid burnout.


Mar 21, 2022

Have Clarity On Where You're Leveling Up

Determine how your daily quests help you level up by tagging them with the appropriate areas of competence.


Mar 11, 2022

Revamped Account Page

We care about your control over the app, so we've created management tools for you and improved navigation within the account page.


Mar 01, 2022

Create A Story For Your Daily Quests

Click on the (i) on any of your daily quests to jot down notes, reminders, and more - creating your own personalized questing experience!


Feb 24, 2022

Custom API For Developers

We made it easy for developers to directly send wins to their avatar via their API secret key for the Make Work Fun app.


Feb 18, 2022

View Your Avatar Everywher

We know that you want to see your amazing avatar all the time, so we've made your avatar follow you and give updates wherever you go.


Jan 25, 2022

Soundtracks To Get You Going

Music is one of the best cues to get you into the mindset for getting stuff done, so we've integrated with Spotify to bring you your favourite hits.


Jan 24, 2022

Be Intentional With Your Time

We've created your very first tool - a pomodoro timer that you can start on your own or with the family that follows you around the app!


Jan 20, 2022

Weekly Leaderboard and Navigation

Track how you're measuring against your family on a weekly basis, and enjoy a brand new navigation bar experience in the app.


Jan 13, 2022

Level Up Anytime, Anywhere

You have a new embed component to help you hand in dailies directly from Notion. We've also created new customization options together with destructible secret keys to give you full control over your embeds!


Jan 09, 2022

Manage Your Wins

We've improved the interface for your win details, so you can easily delete or share it with the family whenever you want.


Jan 01, 2022

Brand New Season

With every quarter we have opportunities for learning and growth. We've reset the seasonal leaderboards and improved navigation around the app.


Dec 5, 2021

Party Quest Leaderboard

We've set up the leaderboard, so you can check out all the parties created this season. You can also now join any party in progress - but be aware, you'll be starting with lower health for being late!


Oct 13, 2021

Personalized Help Experiences

We've upgraded our chatbot so you can get personalized help if you need it. Simply click on the blue circle on the bottom right of your screen if you're ever stuck! If you're on mobile, click on ? in the navbar instead.


Oct 7, 2021

Dedicated Landing Page

We want to make sure you can try out our app's capabilities to its full extent, so we created a playground for you to try out some of our core features - no login required.


Oct 3, 2021

Official Public Beta Launch!

After 4 months of building together with our family, we're finally ready to share our app to the world - for FREE! We hit the front page of Product Hunt - and couldn't have done it without you guys.


Sep 14, 2021

Reflect After Questing

After each party quest, reflect together with your friends to see what went well, what could have been done better, and we can be more helpful to each other.


Sep 05, 2021

Embark On Party Quests

Do tasks with your friends and get extra points! Get the motivation and accountability to get things done - with 2 exciting modes to try!

Join our first batch of parties - we'll announce new ones every week!


Aug 26, 2021

Personalize Your Leaderboard!

With our latest upgrade to the embed page, make your own leaderboard with your friends' player cards (unlimited!) and stay updated on their wins.


Aug 23, 2021

See Today's Earnings On The Leaderboard

What does it take to rank up? Get motivated by seeing how your friends and family have been leveling up every day!


Aug 19, 2021

Embed Your Character Into Your Sites

Generate dynamic embeddable components to put into your Notion pages and websites to see your character level in real time.


Aug 16, 2021

Choose Your Own Title!

Get new titles every 5 levels and proudly display your rank on your player card. Earn exclusive titles by contributing to the family!


Aug 12, 2021

Limitless Databases Integration

The wait is over - integrate with multiple Notion databases to earn wins for everything you do. Additionally, connect to shared databases and specify who should earn the rewards, enhancing the multiplayer experience.


Aug 08, 2021

Track Your Life Progression

When you handing in wins, specify the area of competence it is improving. Then, click on your avatar in the player page to see your stats in real time.


Aug 01, 2021

Customize Your Daily Quests

You can now switch between checkbox, counter, time, location, feeling, and note for your dailies to fit all your daily needs!


Jul 29, 2021

Notifications and Vibrations!

Keep your app open to get timely notifications when you accomplish wins and celebrate them with your friends!


Jul 28, 2021

More Personalization Options

Make your dashboard your own! Set your own custom background for your player page and show it off in the leaderboard.


Jul 27, 2021

Dailies You Get To Do

Create your own quests to do each day, and try to build up a streak. Complete 4 quests to get a bonus reward (resets daily!)


Jul 02, 2021

Toolbox Purchases Dashboard

For the very first time, we have a dedicated dashboard to show you all of your available toolbox resources. Re-download your templates with ease.


Jul 1, 2021

It's Time To Level Up

Our leveling experience now follows a linear growth pattern, and you can now enjoy dynamic level up screens to help you enjoy your journey!


Jun 30, 2021

Real Time Rewards

You don't need to refresh anymore - keep your app open to see your wins announced in real time with a random loot box! Click on it to unlock an unique celebratory gif - try to collect them all!


Jun 29, 2021

Seasonal Leaderboard Rankings

Season 1 is coming! Every season will last 3 months, and exp / levels earned within each season and overall will be ranked separately on the leaderboard for fair and friendly competition.


Jun 28, 2021

Grow Together With Family

See what your friends are up to and embark on adventures together with a community that cares about your growth journey.


Jun 26, 2021

Celebrate Your Wins

Every time you accomplish a win, a randomized gif will spawn! Remember to share your wins to get support and start meaningful discussions.


Jun 18, 2021

Table Magic

We've beautified your recent win table. Easily view your latest 10 wins and look back into historical entries to visualize how you've been trending!


Jun 17, 2021

Data Validation

We want to help you understand your data easier - so we created a wizard that walks you through your Notion API connection and explains each property we use and how we use it.

Required and optional properties have been revamped and all task management databases can now easily connect to our app.


Jun 14, 2021

Compare Your Growth

Graphs are now functional! Visualize your wins from the last week and compare your stats to how you're doing this week.


Jun 13, 2021

Improved Onboarding Experience

We wanted to make onboarding easier, so we've built a step by step user journey to help you get started, faster! We've also improved loading logic for smooth app navigation.


Jun 12, 2021

Initial Release

Our goal for our initial release is to create a new gamified experience for your productivity, and starting our community on the journey of co-op for personal development. In our initial release, you can...

Connect Your Notion Workspace (Success Plan)
🔗 Add your Notion credentials and set which wins you want to connect with the app
🔗 Completed entries are displayed in a table on your player dashboard
🔗 Wins are updated every minute so you never miss a celebration

Enjoy An Immersive Game Experience
🎮 Personalize your character by entering your display name and custom avatar image
🎮 Each win is automatically assigned gold and exp which builds up your character
🎮 Earn dynamic rewards with modifiers for types of wins and punctuality

Start Multiplayer For Personal Development
🤝 Leaderboard keeps you updated on everybody's stats and latest wins
🤝 Get a popup for new wins that you can screenshot to your friends
🤝 Send a notification to the community for wins you want to announce